Weight Loss Tip Tuesday – The Distractor Factor

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One of the most crucial parts of weight loss is what I like to call the distractor factor. Have you heard of this before?

Cravings generally only last for 3 minutes (although they can last up to 10). This is great news! This gives us the power to understand that they won’t be there forever and that we can overcome them!

This means that reducing cravings is simple…we need to distract ourselves. We need to get out of our heads so the thought of the temptation doesn’t consume our minds.

Next time you get a craving, try drinking a glass of water, going for a walk, calling a friend, going for a drive, reading a book, watching a fascinating show, listening to your favorite tune, dancing to it, going to the gym…basically, anything to get your mind busy with something other than food.

So, next time you get a hankering for junk, consider which distractor factor you’ll choose.



Weight Loss Tip Tuesday – Smile!

Have you tried and tried to lose weight and just can’t seem to drop any of those extra pesky pounds? Your attitude may have something to do with it!

That’s right! Having a positive attitude is CRITICAL when it comes to weight loss!

Most of the time when we look in the mirror and decide it’s time to lose a few pounds, we are filled with negative thoughts and emotions. “I have to go on a diet.” “I’m fat.” “I’m disgusting.” “I hate the way I look.” and the thoughts go on and on and on. Sound familiar?

We automatically assume that the joy will be sucked out of our lives if we choose to change. We feel like we’ll be deprived of what we want and it feels like it’s an uphill battle. Well, stop right there sweetheart! This couldn’t be further from the truth! Turn that frown upside down and stop that bad, negative attitude in it’s tracks!

Focus on the why. Why do you want to lose weight? What is the main reason behind this goal?

Is it so that you’ll have more energy to run around with your kids? Is it to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight so that you can feel lighter and fit into your favorite outfits? Is it to have more confidence so that you can accomplish your dreams? Is it to get rid of your aches and pains? Is it so that you’ll live to see your grand babies?

Establishing this nitty gritty reason is imperative. Sure, wanting to lose weight just to lose weight is ok, but you’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals when you have a solid reason behind what’s fueling your fire.

Positive thoughts can increase your motivation and your energy levels. They are empowering. They raise you up. Negative thoughts are self deprecating and really drag you down. These thoughts can lead to shame and guilt – this doesn’t make anyone feel good! Getting down on yourself and beating yourself up isn’t our goal. We need to love ourselves up. We need to tell ourselves positive things while looking at ourselves in the mirror. Our bodies are amazing things, no matter how big or small they are!

When we love ourselves, we believe that we deserve the best. We stop trying to sabotage our success, we stop eating chemically laden foods that we know are bad for us, we stop beating ourselves up. We are able to triumph, we are able to raise up and do good, we are able to think more clearly, we have more energy, we’re able to sleep better and handle stressful situations more gracefully.

Pay attention to what you think. Your actions are inspired by your thoughts. Focus on what you think. The average person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. That equals around 35-48 thoughts per minute! When you notice a negative thought creep in, change it to a positive one.

For example: Let’s say you have the thought, “I am fat” pop into that brain of yours. What can you change it to? Try, “I am strong.” “I am fun.” “I am lovable.” Anything positive and uplifting.

Before you know it, you’ll be a glass half full kind of person!

Now, to announce our contest winner! Congratulations to Sarah Longhurst! She submitted this gorgeous photo!


Thanks to everyone who participated! There were so many lovely pictures, it was difficult to choose one winner. So, we’ll do another giveaway contest soon. Stay tuned!

Weight Loss Tip Tuesday – Eat the Rainbow

Hola peeps! It’s finally fall! Can you feel it in the air where you are? Here in the Northwest the leaves are changing, there’s a bit of a chill in the air and Halloween can be seen everywhere. Spooky stores are open, they’re playing Hocus Pocus on tv and there are pumpkins everywhere!


Do ya’ll know what you’ll be for Halloween? I have no clue what I should be! Last year I was a scary skeleton, this year…who knows?! What are some of your favorite fall/Halloween traditions?


I’ve been a bit MIA, so I’ll tell you what’s been going on in my neck of the woods. Last week we went somewhere I never thought I’d ever be. We went to an Elton John concert. Can you believe that? It wasn’t too bad ūüėČ He sang some favorites such as Candle in the Wind, Tiny Dancer, and my all time favorite…Benny and the Jets. After this, a nasty cold crept up on me. I am just now starting to get over it…2 weeks later.

IMG_2595 IMG_2594

This was my 4th concert…I’ve also seen Lady Gaga (she kinda freaked me out), Josh Groban (he was hilarious and soooo good, totally not what I was expecting), James Taylor/Carol King (I’m pretty sure we were the youngest people in the crowd) and now I can add Elton John to my list.

Today’s weight loss tip is to eat the rainbow! This is one of my favorite tips, because it’s fun and pretty. Did you know that the colors of fruits and veggies actually have meaning? They tell us which vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals (disease fighters only found in plants) are in the foods we eat.


Red: tomatoes, red onions, radishes, red cabbage, beets, red peppers, rhubarb, apples, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, pomegranates, cherries, grapefruit and red grapes

These are good sources of lycopene and anthocyanins. Lycopene helps prevent cancer and heart disease while anthocyanins boost your brain power and prevent urinary tract infections.


Orange/Yellow: pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peaches, oranges, apricots, mangoes, cantaloupe, nectarines, orange/yellow tomatoes, orange/yellow peppers, corn, pineapple and lemons

These are notorious for being excellent sources of beta carotene which prevents the risk of heart disease, and cancer. It also helps with your eyesight in dim light, increases your immune system making it possible for your body to fight against any illnesses, infections and even a pesky cold or flu. This group of colors also contains bioflavonoids. These work together with Vitamin C to keep our bodies healthy so our wounds are able to heal, prevent cancer, strengthen our bones, lower the risk of heart attacks and keep our skin healthy and glowing.


Green: avocado, broccoli, artichokes, asparagus, green peppers, green onions, leeks, peas, green beans, zucchini, cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale, swiss/rainbow chard, watercress, cabbage, brussels sprouts, bok choy, green apples, green grapes, kiwi fruit and honeydew melon

This is one of my favorite colors to have on my plate! Eating dark leafy greens every day will give you tons of energy! These babies are loaded with lutein which helps you have healthy eye balls. This phytonutrient helps protect against cataracts and macular degeneration. They are also packed with indoles which fight against breast, colon and prostate cancer.


Blue/Purple: eggplant, purple cabbage, blackberries, blueberries, figs, plums, raisins and purple grapes

These contain¬†phenolics¬†which help prevent cancer, heart disease, lower blood pressure and may prevent age-related memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s. These are also high in¬†anthocyanins¬†(see red)


White: garlic, cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, shallots, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, bananas, white nectarines, white peaches, white raspberries

I know, it’s not exactly a color in the rainbow, but it’s still important. Think of them as the white fluffy clouds next to the rainbow. These guys have flavonols called¬†quercetin. This helps lower your risk of heart disease and helps block histamines which means they could help with allergies. Plus, these help reduce inflammation. They also contain an antioxidant called¬†allicin. This has been linked to reduced blood pressure and may even act as a natural antibiotic. IMG_1871

If you don’t remember all this, that’s ok! Just remember that¬†having a colorful plate will help you lose weight!¬†


All of these fruits and veggies contain nutrients that kick disease out of your body, boost your metabolism, make you feel full and satisfied and help trim down your waist line. The best part is, it’s simple as ever to do. And it’s fun to make your food beautiful and colorful!


Try to have every color on your plate at every meal.

Now for the¬†Contest Announcement! It’s fun to take pics of your beautiful food! Be proud and show it off. Take ¬†pictures and tag me in them (via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). The winner will receive a Breakthrough Session with mwuah (regular value: $150) which includes a strategy for how to lose weight, a plan to accomplish your health goals, some amazing recipes and so much more! I will announce the winner next Tuesday (10/14/14). I’m so excited about this!

Weight Loss Tip Tuesday – The 80/20 Rule

Hey friends!

This weeks tip is going to be a quick one. It’s simple, it’s easy to implement and it’s amazingly effective.

Want to know one of the easiest tricks you can do to lose weight? It’s not about deprivation or feeling guilty that you ate one too many chocolate chip cookies, or working out and shaking that thang, it’s not even about using self control. It’s about freedom, happiness and loving yourself. Who doesn’t want that?!

This is a rule that I follow and that I LOVE. It’s called the 80/20 rule. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat healthy 80% of the time. The other 20%? You can eat whatever you want!

For me, this is kind of a relief. It means that I don’t have to be perfect. I can go out with friends and enjoy life! I never have to fall off the wagon again. I don’t believe in feeling guilty and beating myself up. What a miserable way to live. I like to be happy and have fun and love myself!

You don’t have to be perfect either ūüôā

Never forget, you’re all awesome!

Weight Loss Tip Tuesday – Welcome to Flavor Town

Hey y’all!¬†

Let’s talk about our taste buds. These are the little bumps on your tongue. They have thousands of microscopic hair-like microvilli on them that allow us to taste foods (sweet, salty, sour, bitter & umami). The average person has around 10,000 taste buds!¬†Just as your hair, skin, nails and pretty much every other cell in your body gets renewed, so do your taste buds. They get replaced every 10-14 days.¬†

Flavor is different than taste. Flavor is what happens when add smell into the mix and get nosy (haha I couldn’t resist!). It’s the combination of your taste and smell. Have you ever noticed that it’s hard to taste anything when you have a cold? Or maybe when you were a kid, your mom wouldn’t let you leave the table without eating your vegetables so you plugged your nose in order to choke them down? Your flavor preferences can change every 7 years.¬†This may be why you hated tomatoes as a kid, but you love them now. This is also why it’s important to keep trying old and new foods. Your buds just may surprise you!¬†

Have you ever heard of a tongue scraper? It’s one of my all-time favorite things! All of my clients LOVE it! Everyone should scrape their tongue. This is the kind I use.


Here are some reasons why you should scrape:

1. You’ll have fresher breath. It removes bacteria, dead cells, food bits, fungi and anything else that may be lingering. Bonus: you’ll have better dental check-ups.

2. Helps you taste. By removing all the excess junk, your tongue is clean and clear. You’ll be able to taste things better! ¬†So a simple apple will be bursting with flavor! Hello flavor town!

3. Kissing is fun. Ok, who are we kidding, kissing is always fun! But, scraping your tongue makes you more sensitive which means kissing is that much more tantalizing.

4. Helps dissolve cravings.¬†Your body is always trying to balance itself out so if you eat a salty snack, your body will naturally crave something sweet and vice-versa. However, if you scrape your tongue after eating a salt heavy treat, you’re much less likely to crave and cave for that sugar. Naturally, this will help with weight loss!

Be sure to buy a scraper that’s stainless steel (plastic ones just don’t cut it).They’re around 8 bucks. They seriously last forever and once you use it, you’ll never go back. You can pick one up at pretty much any health food store, some pharmacies or even here online.

It’s important to scrape regularly. It hardly takes anytime at all so really, no excuses. How do you do it? Do it twice a day after you brush your teeth. Hold the handles and gently but firmly scrape from the back to the front of your tongue using one stroke and rinse under hot water. Repeat 4-5 times or until your tongue no longer has a coating. It shouldn’t hurt and those bumps at the very back are supposed to be there, so don’t try to scrape those babies off.¬†

You should brush your teeth and scrape your tongue first thing when you wake up. While you sleep, some of the toxins in your body gravitate to your tongue. If you eat without scraping, you’re making your body absorb those toxins again.

If you look at your tongue first thing in the morning, it can actually tell you a lot about what’s going on in your body. Click here if you want to learn about this more in depth.¬†

Does this make you want to scrape your tongue? Have you ever tried it before? 

Weight Loss Tip Tuesday – On Wednesday

Hola peeps!

I hope your long Labor Day weekend was as wonderful as mine! The hubs and I went up to Seattle to spend time with family. It was a blast! We went to a Mariner’s baseball game on Friday.¬†

photo 4


We lost, but there was an incredible firework show that was synchronized to music afterwords. They made the stadium shake and they painted the sky with gorgeous colors. 

photo 3

This weekend I discovered Cotton Candy Grapes. Have you ever heard of/tried these beauties?! They really do taste like cotton candy! It was insane! Seriously, these may be the best things since sliced bread. 

photo 5Saturday I slept in. By the time I woke up, everyone was off doing their own thing. So I ate breakfast with the best dog around. Stockboy kept me company the entire time. He’s so sweet!

photo 4

To repay the cutie, Jon and I took him for a walk and played at the park. 

We continued exploring and found a bunch of snails and slugs. Seriously? They’re huge. And slimy. And gross. But look at this shell! Nature is so cool.¬†

photo 2-2


photo 3-1

We also found the rabbit’s hole that leads to Wonderland…in case anyone was interested.

photo 1-3

Sunday is always a day of church, relaxing, family and a big dinner. This is from Alaska. It’s called an Ulu. Apparently, it’s a type of knife that they’ve used in Alaska for hundreds of years. Clearly, I had to try it out.

photo 3-1


It was so much fun! Here’s some of the beauties I chopped up for our salad.

photo 2-3

We ended the night by the fire pit in the backyard.

photo 1-2

It was a fabulous weekend with lots of fun, adventure and family. Love it!

Ok, now for the weight loss tip of the day! Plan your meals.

I cannot stress how important this is. It’s so easy to eat junk food when you’re starving your brains out. I know I’ve had times where I’m so hungry, I go into my kitchen and eat anything and everything I can find. If I have any junk food in my home, you better believe that’s the first thing I shove in my face. Have you ever had that happen to you? Talk about annoying.

How do you avoid this? Plan ahead. I have found that most of my clients and I do best when we plan out a weeks worth of meals. I like to go shopping and get all my groceries in one day. This way I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat. When I have a plan, I look forward to eating that week.¬†

I just cook for my husband and I at the moment. So, I usually plan out breakfast, a couple different options for lunch and 3-4 dinners. This way, we are able to eat leftovers and not let anything go to waste.

I always make sure that my meals are balanced to include protein, good fats and carbs along with vitamins, minerals as well as phytonutrients. I like to be sure I I like to mix things up so I’m not having the same thing every day. This is the easiest way to ensure you won’t get food allergies to things you love.¬†

For breakfast, I either have oatmeal with a spoonful of blackstrap molasses, or organic, whole-grain cereal with unsweetened almond milk and an apple or banana/whatever fruit is in season. Sometimes I will have a smoothie with fruits and veggies, chia seeds, nuts, maca powder, cacao nibs, goji berries and anything else I feel like throwing into the mix.

For lunch, I have a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread (it’s like amazing) with organic PB&J (love crunchy pb!). I’ll cut up whatever fruits and veggies I have in the fridge to put on the side. Some days I’ll have a tomato sandwich (especially yummy in the summer) that has toasted bread, vegan mayo, sliced tomatoes, and a little salt and pepper on top. Other times I’ll have a wrap that’s loaded with veggies or I’ll have leftovers from dinner. I like lunch to be something quick that I can just throw together.¬†

Dinner is the meal I really plan out. ¬†I’ve given a few recipes on my blog that are so yummy! There’s a few of my favorites on my website and I also love the blog¬†Oh She Glows.¬†

I really like sweets, but I’m not a huge fan of sugar. One of my all time favorite desserts just happens to be healthy. They’re easy and kid approved! Check out these amazing Chocolate Truffles.¬†Chocolate Truffles

Have you ever tried to plan your meals out ahead of time? Tell me what you think…